Every time you obtain a new cloud hosting plan, it's generated on a server and the entire process usually takes some time, not mentioning the verification and processing of the fee, which many companies perform personally. When you get a dedicated server, for example, the setup takes longer as the machine needs to be built, set up and tried in order to make sure that it will function effectively. That's why, a lot of suppliers have a one-time charge so as to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The cost, which can sometimes be quite high, is normally not listed on the main page, still you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, so you won't be aware of it before you have already completed the whole signup process and you can even miss it unless you pay attention.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

All our semi-dedicated server plans are activated immediately and with no additional setup charges. The cost that you will pay when signing up is identical to what you will pay to renew your account the subsequent months and the one that you will see both on our main page & on your bank statement. In the event that you already have a standard shared web hosting plan with our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server to get additional power, we'll move all your information and we will still not charge you a dime on top of the standard monthly cost for the brand new package. Since the process is practically completely automatic, we believe that there would be no reason to charge you an extra amount of money, therefore the price that you will see on our site is all that you will have to spend.