The service uptime is sometimes overlooked by many people as they are looking for a new cloud hosting provider, but it can often be far more important than the actual plan features. It won't matter how good a plan is if the web sites hosted in the account are offline for extended time frames. Such downtimes are often penalized by search engines like google, not mentioning the fact that visitors will most likely not go back to a website they encounter difficulties with. Because of this, it is important to look into the stability of the Internet hosting service before you get a new account so as to be confident that the success of your websites will not depend on third-party variables, but entirely on their content and on your advertising campaigns.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

We guarantee 99.9% uptime for each semi-dedicated server package purchased through our company. Forget about your web site being unavailable for whatever reason because we employ a top-notch cloud web hosting platform with a custom-built load balancing system. Instead of running everything on a single server and risking one service to take everything down, we have spread the many services among their own sets of servers. Put simply, your files, database, emails, stats, etc., are handled by separate clusters, therefore the failure of one machine has no impact on the overall service or on your websites. Several backbone Internet providers and diesel powered backup generators guarantee that infrastructural problems will not affect your websites either. We also have hardware and software firewalls as well as a skilled team of admins to check on the incoming & outgoing traffic and to respond to any kind of software issue 24/7.