PhpPgAdmin is an efficient and feature-rich application which is employed to manage PostgreSQL databases. It will provide you with full control of each database through intuitive web interface, so you will not need to use a command line or the restricted interface of the script application that uses a particular database. When you use phpPgAdmin, you will be able to import & export databases using different formats - SQL, CSV, XML , etc., so you can transfer your database-driven websites from one service provider to a different one conveniently or one could simply have a backup copy on your PC. Also, you can create, delete or modify individual cells or whole rows and tables from the database with just a few clicks. The tool also provides you with the option to give different permissions to different database users, so you can command the accessibility that others have.

phpPgAdmin in Semi-dedicated Servers

You will be able to access and use phpPgAdmin in order to manage each database with only a couple of mouse-clicks in case you host your websites in a semi-dedicated server plan from our company. When you visit the PostgreSQL part of our in-house built Hepsia Control Panel, you will discover a little phpPgAdmin button beside each database which you have created. Once you click on this button for a specific database, you'll be logged in automatically, so you will not be expected to submit any further login details. As you could use the services of a graphic designer, however, we've also supplied an option to get into phpPgAdmin manually by using a direct login page where the database account information has to be entered. Thus, the designer will be unable to access your files or see your private contact info.