All script applications such as forums or web stores keep their info in a database - a group of cells and tables which contains the Internet site info like items, prices, comments, and so on. Each time you open a specific page, the script connects to the database and retrieves the necessary info, then displays it. The intermediary software which connects the script and the database is known as a database management system and one of the most widely used ones is MySQL. The latter is frequently used as it can run on a number of platforms (Linux, UNIX, Windows) and with a variety of scripting languages (PHP, Perl, Python, Java), not mentioning its fantastic functionality even with big databases. A lot of popular platforms like Joomla or WordPress use MySQL databases to store their content.

MySQL 5 Databases in Semi-dedicated Servers

Every semi-dedicated server we offer features the latest version of MySQL pre-installed, to enable you to run any script app you want. When you use our 1-click installer, you can easily set up an app with a couple of clicks and our software instrument will create a whole new database automatically. If you want to set up a script yourself, you will be able to create a MySQL database effortlessly, picking its username and password. To save you time, we've also added quick-access buttons to create a backup or enable remote access to each of your databases. More tech-savvy users can sign in to the effective phpMyAdmin tool and edit certain cells or entire tables manually via a web interface. Inside the Databases section of the Hepsia website hosting CP you shall also find hourly and daily statistics for every single database you have created inside the account.