InnoDB is a very popular database storage engine for the MySQL database management system. It is an alternative to the default engine – MyISAM, and it has got numerous strong sides that have made it the engine of choice for lots of PHP-based applications, such as Magento and Joomla, which have switched over to InnoDB for good. For example, adding immense amounts of data will be faster with InnoDB, since it locks only a single row to complete a particular operation, not the entire table, which makes the engine excellent for scalable applications. InnoDB also supports foreign keys and transactions – these refer to the manner in which the data is handled. To put it simply, importing new or updating existing data will either be entirely completed, or will be annulled and the procedure will be rolled back if a certain problem occurs during the process, so the content that remains in the database won’t be damaged.

InnoDB in Semi-dedicated Servers

InnoDB is offered with all our semi-dedicated hosting plans by default, so once you buy a new semi-dedicated account, you can move on and install any script-driven web app that requires this database engine. A few engines are installed on our cloud website hosting platform, so when you create a brand new MySQL database and start installing an application manually, or opt to use the Hepsia hosting Control Panel-integrated application installer tool, the engine for the database will be chosen depending on the requirements of the particular app. This will permit you to install and manage InnoDB-specific applications without encountering any obstacle and without configuring any settings in your account. To take no chances, we will always keep a one-week-old backup of all your databases, so if you erase or edit any content unintentionally, we can quickly restore it.