The quality of the Internet hosting service that you receive for your Internet sites is dependent not only on the characteristics which a particular plan includes, but also on the hardware your web applications work on. Increased CPU speeds, for instance, indicate that the processes running on the hosting server will be carried out faster, while more physical memory (RAM) indicates that more processes can run at once. The grade of the hardware could also influence the general performance and reliability of the server. As the hosting service nowadays features not only file storage, but also databases, email messages, logs, etc, extra processing power is needed to run all system processes and to ensure that they run efficiently and devoid of lag. In case the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slow websites and / or even service timeouts because the machine may not be able to take care of all requests to the sites hosted on it.

24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers

The semi-dedicated server accounts which we offer feature quite a lot of unrestricted features for a reason - they are generated on a revolutionary cloud web hosting platform which consists of a number of powerful servers. 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM along with SSD drives will supply the ideal hardware environment for your web apps and you'll never encounter a situation where the system resources are not enough - something that happens frequently with many other Internet hosting providers. All hardware parts are enterprise-level and are tested thoroughly before we use them to avoid any possible issues in the future. Our cloud platform can be easily expanded by linking extra servers to the cluster which needs them and considering the hardware every machine comes with, you will never have to worry whether your websites will perform well or not. Since no account is ever created on a single server, there is no scenario where several clients can use up all of the available resources.