The disk space function displays the full capacity of information that you can have on your cloud hosting server at a time. With a desktop computer, for instance, this is the overall size of your hard drive or the total volume of all the hard disks in the event that the PC has more than one. The same way that your space on a home machine is shared between installed applications, docs, music and the like, the server disk space is ordinarily shared between site files, databases and emails. Each file, folder or email takes a little disk space on the server, so you should consider quite a few factors, not only the size of the files which you upload. For example, receiving sizeable email attachments or using a script-driven site in which the user-generated data is located in a database also affects the space you use.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

Considering the fact that our semi-dedicated server plans are rather powerful, we have decided not to restrict the disk space characteristic when we have developed them. Our reason is that if you employ a powerful package, it is likely that you've got plenty of site data, for this reason each semi-dedicated server package features unlimited hard disk capacity, which will help you direct your attention to developing your sites and not be worried whether you'll fit within some allowance. Your web hosting account will be created on a cloud website hosting system in which the files, emails and databases use their own groups of servers, so not only will the machines function better because only one type of system processes will operate on them, but also you will never have to worry about the hard disk space since we can install as many servers or hard drives to every single cluster as required.