If you want to switch web hosting providers and you don't have much experience or time, you may find it challenging to relocate your content. Moving an HTML Internet site involves uploading little files to the new hosting server, so it could be simpler, but relocating a script-driven site, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new Internet hosting platform or relocating databases and e mails could be pretty annoying tasks for some people. Consequently, many users are stuck with a provider which offers a bad web hosting service simply because they don't know how they can move their content to another provider safely and securely while keeping the looks and performance of their Internet sites intact. In this light, our Internet hosting packages offer a site migration service, that is free of charge, and which shall save you a lot of time and efforts since you'll not have to do anything on your end.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Servers

You can take advantage of our totally free offer with every one of the semi-dedicated hosting plans which we offer and we can move one or numerous websites from another web hosting company within a couple of days. The time varies according to the size and the actual number of the websites, but it rarely takes over 48 hours, so you may begin using our services soon after your new account has been started. A team of seasoned admins will relocate your content and check it to make sure that once you change the name servers of your domain names and they start resolving to our servers, all of your Internet sites will work efficiently and without any problems. It does not matter if you have a WordPress blog, an OpenCart web store, a Joomla portal or a custom-made website - our tech support can relocate it without any difficulties. The only sites they are unable to migrate are ones that can't run on a Linux hosting server or that are designed on closed platforms like Yola and Wix in which the access to the site files is restricted.